Madawaska Valley District High School is asking the community to help support this year’s grads.

Carrie Sweeny on the High School’s Scholarship and Bursary committee says they are looking for donors to their programs so they can help students get a head start right out of school
She says supporting a student for some donors is a very rewarding experience, with some donors taking a special interest in supporting the student they are giving the bursary to. While money will go to students going on to post-secondary, the school also gives to those doing apprenticeships, helping students pay for a vehicle for work or community living projects for special need students.

Anyone from a business to an individual can donate any amount of money to help support a new graduate. Sweeny says there’s no obstacle to donating, and small donations don’t require a lot of paperwork. She says seasonal residents are welcome to donate as well, and says there are many who already are giving back to their community. For larger donations, there will be some extra paperwork, but she says it’s as easy as writing a cheque.

A form to donate can be found here. Donations must be received by the school by May 20th.