A new study says that if you live in Madawaska Valley or surrounding townships, chances are you feel safe in your community.

In the Community Safety and Well Being Survey commissioned by the townships of Brudenelle – Lyndoch – Raglan, Killaloe – Hagarty – Richards, South Algonquin and Madawaska Valley, 95% or respondents reported feeling either always or often safe. They say that small-town life, nature, and peace and quiets were the strongest plusses to living in the area. However, employment, healthcare access and affordable housing were listed as both the biggest problems and the services needed most in the areas. On areas relating to COVID-19, 75% of respondents felt that it had negatively affected their stress levels, with half saying it had major impacts on their work and family lives.

The survey ran from October 5th to November 30th, 2020. A total of 305 residents responded. The findings will now help structure the community safety and wellbeing plans of all four townships.