CFB Petawawa says it has begun vaccinating its personnel.

They say that their 2 Field Ambulance have begun administering their first shots of COVID-19 vaccine to those working in high-risk clinical settings.  After that, they will administer the vaccine to those members who want it, following the province’s priority framework. They say that this is light at the end of the tunnel, and offers hope for 2021

In the meantime, there are some changes that will be made to the base in line with the stay-at-home order. They are limiting the amount of personnel on base to 50%, and any travel that personnel do will only happen with the authorization of 4th division command. In addition, masks are now mandated in DND vehicles, property and buildings, and has suspended all individual and collective training, with the exception to operational outputs and High Readiness Tasks.

Overall, they say that the Pandemic is far from over, and encourages everyone to continue following public health guidelines.