A pair of scams has reared its head in the area.

Upper Ottawa Valley OPP says the scammer will pretend to be from a local business. They will then tell the victim that their credit card did not work when paying for a recent service, and then ask for their credit card information.

Another Scam has fraudsters telling victims that their SIN number is compromised, and are asked to provide it. OPP says these scammers say use phone numbers of service Canada, the RCMP or various courthouses to look authentic. OPP warns that scammers may pose as police, and warn retailers to be aware of people purchasing gift cards in bulk.

Police say to always verify the legitimacy of any caller before providing details over the phone. They say government agencies will not demand payment in Bitcoin or gift cards, They say that if you have been contacted by a scammer or have been a victim of fraud, they urge people to call the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501.