Several Pikwakanagan grandmothers have launched legal action against their Chief to try and stop negotiations with the provincial and federal governments in the land claim.
According to the Eganville Leader, the injunction was filed in federal court last Wednesday for a cease and desist as well as a suspension of all debt obligations for negotiations.
Chief Kirby Whiteduck and council have 10 days to respond before further action is taken.
In March, the Algonquins of Ontario voted 90 percent in support of negotiating a new land claim agreement with the government.
In Pikwakanagan though, residents voted overwhelmingly against the continuation of negotiations on the agreement.
The grandmothers feel that the chief and band council are not listening, and do not have the invoked mandate from the people to negotiate on their behalf.
According to the suit, the Grandmothers are traditional title-holders to the land and must be consulted in any discussions of indigenous title or right.