With daylight savings time changing clocks across Ontario this Sunday, fire departments are asking residents to change something else along with it.

Deputy fire chief Matt Musclow, a member of the Ontario Professional Firefighters Association, says now is a perfect time to check on your fire alarms. Musclow says you should take the alarm off the wall, test the batteries, and make sure that they are still marked as good. He says that most fire alarms last for ten years in Ontario. However, he says that some will show signs of losing their edge after the seventh year of use. He says some models of fire alarm will beep every 40 seconds or so when they are dying.

In addition, Musclow says to get your home heating appliances ready by having them inspected. He also says wood burners should get their chimney cleaned before their first burn, make sure their wood box is clean, and make sure anything flammable is at least three feet away from your fireplace.