If you know an individual, not-for-profit business, or a for-profit business that does great work in the community, you can help them get recognized for it.

“Individuals in our community step up in many ways to improve and strengthen the quality of life we enjoy here in the Ottawa Valley,” the County says of the award. “From participating in and organizing community initiatives, devoting their time and energy to politics, supporting social responsibility, mentoring or inspiring children and youth, and celebrating our culture and heritage.”

“These annual awards are a formal recognition of the outstanding efforts made by individuals and organizations for their active roles in promoting social responsibility and positivity in our community,” Renfrew County Warden Debbie Robinson tells the My Barry’s Bay Now.com newsroom. ” I would encourage citizens to nominate individuals and organizations that they feel really make a difference in making life in Renfrew County better for all.  I look forward to celebrating the excellence of these organizations and individuals for their contributions and efforts in making such selfless contributions.”

Nominees will be looked at in three categories: individual person, not-for-profit business and for-profit business. You can nominate a person of business by downloading a form from the County’s website. You can also call 613-735-7288 to make your nomination. The deadline for submissions is November 6th, with the ceremony happening on the County’s YouTube channel on the 25th.