A COVID-19 outbreak has been declared at Fellowes High School in Pembroke.
The Renfrew County District Health Unit says two staff members have tested positive for COVID-19, which meets the provincial threshold for declaring an outbreak. However, the RCDHU says they are optimistic that this outbreak can be contained without spreading it throughout the school. They say that the outbreak occurred in a relatively confined area of the school, with a small number of people at risk. However, the Unit says they will be investigating further before they can say for certain what the risk level is.
The unit urges any who is sick to stay home and not to go to work, saying to have a low bar for COVID-19 symptoms. They also say to limit your social activities and keep your bubble small, as social gatherings are a major cause of the spread of the virus. The Health unit says to not make your own diagnosis if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, and instead get tested. While you are waiting for your test results, they say you should stay at home and monitor symptoms. Acting Medical Officer of Health Dr. Robert Cushman says if we want schools to stay open and the economy to progress, we must continue individual vigilance and strict observation of public health guidelines.
Currently there are six active cases of COVID-19 in Renfrew County, all of which are in self-isolation. The total number of confirmed cases in the District now stands at 40.