In an effort to make the best use of physician’s time, the Renfrew County District Health Unit is clarifying its position on masks.
The Health Unit says that those who have a medical reason to not wear a mask or face covering do not need to present a doctor’s note. They say that physicians are too busy in both emergency rooms and clinic to provide exemption letters, and employers shouldn’t require one from staff.
However, Acting medical officers of health Dr. Robert Cushman says that people with a medical condition would benefit wearing one. He says they should experiment little by little to see if they can adjust. He says it will improve personal protection for those with medical conditions, and is the responsible thing to do.
Dr. Robert Cushman says wearing a mask or face covering is better than nothing, and helps reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. He says that the number of people who wrongly take advantage of the medical exemption should be low, and stressed how important responsible action are for the safety of the community. Dr. Cushman also says to not single out people who do not comply, rather encourage the practice of wearing face masks