You might want to think twice before picking up a stranded motorist.

The OPP is warning that scammers are parking their vehicles on the side of 400 series highways, ramps or in parking lots to set the scene that their car has broken down. “Scammers pose as stranded motorists, seeking the goodwill and compassion from the motoring public,” the OPP says. When a driver stops to help, the fraudster claims they’re new to the area or just driving through as a way to bait the motorist to help them out.

“These individuals are typically well dressed and well-spoken and are operating rental vehicles,” the OPP says. “They offer to give the good Samaritans expensive-looking gold jewelry in exchange for funds needed to assist with the fabricated emergency situation.”

“If you do encounter these scammers, offer to contact roadside assistance rather than exchange funds for jewelry, then leave the location,” the OPP suggests.

The OPP urges people to drive with caution around people stranded on the side of the road. Not only because they could be potential scammers, but also because a car stopped on the side of the road or highway poses a danger to other drivers.

While victims may be embarrassed,  the OPP says it’s important to come forward with any information on the situation.

Written by Mathew Reisler