Bancroft council has updated the town’s by-law regulating the operation of off-road vehicles on municipal highways.

The Ministry of Transportation made amendments to the Highway Traffic Act in July 2020, with more set to be introduced in January 2021. Clerk for the Town of Bancroft Lianne Sauter explained two new types of off-road vehicles are now permitted under the amendment made by the province: dirt bikes and extreme terrain vehicles.

The amended by-law defines ETVs as a vehicle that:

  • Has six or eight wheels, the tires of which are all in contact with the ground
  • Has no tracks that are in contact with the ground
  • Has seats that are not designed to be straddled
  • Has a minimum cargo capacity of 159 kilograms

Dirt bikes are defined as:

  • Has steering handlebars
  • Has two wheels, the tires of which are all in contact with the ground
  • Has a minimum wheel rim diameter of 250 millimetres
  • Has a minimum wheelbase of 1,016 millimetres
  • Has a seat that is designed to be straddled by the driver
  • Is designed to carry a driver only and no passengers
  • Does not have a sidecar

The existing by-law allowing off-road vehicles to ride around on municipal highways in Bancroft was approved by town council in 2015.  Sauter explained that with this new ruling from the province, they have the option to also allow these two new off-road vehicle types.

Bancroft council approved the amendment to the existing by-law.

Written by Mathew Reisler