Concerns about the spread of Covid-19 in Deep River have caused the RCDHU to issue a statement.
Concerns through social media surrounding a shop in the town surfaced, after word got out that a potential cases visited the location on July 16th and 17th. RCDHU said the individual was thought to have another condition, and was not tested positive until the 27th. The Unit says that since the positive case, nurses conducted thorough case managements and contact tracing. They say that contacts identified by the positive case have all been tested, and all those tests have come back negative.
The Unit says that if it were not for the “excellent public health measures” being practiced by the case and the shop in question, there could have been greater potential exposure to the virus. They say they are confident the case practiced all the public health measures when in enclosed spaces. They took this time to remind the public that if you feel like you have been exposed to Covid-19 to immediately self isolate and call RC VTAC, which can be reached at 1-844-727-6404.