The St. Francis Valley Healthcare Foundation is selling Catch the Ace tickets today after a few months hiatus.
The lottery had been suspended due to Covid-19 but was given the green light to resume by the Lottery and Gaming Commission of Ontario. The Foundation’s Executive Director Erin Gienow does say that there will be changes to how they make the draw, with the video of the draw posted online. Geinow says that if you purchased a ticket before the lottery was suspended, it will be honoured this week as well. The jackpot this week is $59,395 so far. This round of Catch the Ace has raised $85,000, with all three lotteries combined raising for the $145,000 Valley Manor Redevelopment Project
But while Catch the Ace may be going strong, but another fundraiser for the St. Francis Valley Healthcare foundation is cancelled for this year. The Butterfly Release for Madawaska Valley Hospice Palliative Care won’t be going ahead this year due to Covid-19. Gienow says it was a very important fundraiser, for keeping Palliative Care going and because of how it was symbolically important for many participants. In lieu of the fundraiser, the Foundation is reaching out to the community to make a gift support this year, so that Palliative patients and their families can be cared for. They can do that online through the SFVHF website or by giving them a call.

To find a place that sells Catch the Ace tickets, click here.