Fireworks will be allowed by the Madawaska Valley Fire Department this Canada Day, but there are some things they want you to remember about them.
MVFD Say that fireworks should be set off in an open area away from trees and bush. They say you should also have a water supply close by in case of fire. All fireworks should be set off in pails filled with sand, and point away from where everyone is standing or sitting. The department says you should never allow fireworks to be set off over a home or a building. They say that fireworks can cause the building to catch fire if they land on one. The MVFD says that this happens at least once a year.
The department also urges anyone who operates fireworks is over the age of 18, and is sober. They say that if a firework does not go off, do not approach it for an hour, as some fireworks notoriously don’t go off right away. The departments says the instructions on the back of the box should tell you how to properly set them up. Use a flare or a bbq lighter to light the fuse, as a regular lighter will bring you too close to the wick. The department says to inform your neighbours beforehand that you are setting off fireworks, and to check with your local by-laws to make sure what you are setting off is an approved firework. They say for instance that Chinese lanterns are not considered a firework, and are illegal in the Madawaska Valley.
Fire Chief Corwin Quad also wishes Madawaska Valley to have fun and enjoy yourself this Canada Day.