There was a lot of change with this year’s edition of the Canadian Cancer Society’s annual fundraiser, but the end result was the same.

$31,453.50 was raised in the lead-up to this past weekend’s “Relay at Home.” Co-chair of the Bancroft Relay Flo VanderMeer says that donations have continued to come in after the celebration ended on Saturday night.

“It reminds us that we live in a phenomenal community where people are so generous and ready to give,” she tells the newsroom.

While the usual gatherings of local didn’t happen this year, an online celebration was held by the Canadian Cancer Society from 7 PM until 9 on their website and multiple communities held smaller events – like Bancroft. VanderMeer and the Bancroft Relay team set-up luminaries in Millennium Park just after 9 PM on Saturday. “It was important for us to pay tribute to those we lost from cancer and honour those that are living with cancer,” she says. “It was a special moment.”

You can donate through the Canadian Cancer Society’s website until August, or hand your cash or cheque donation to VanderMeer who will submit it for you. You can call her at 613-334-1025 to set-up a time and place to do that.

Written by Mathew Reisler