While real estate in Renfrew County has been impacted by COVID-19, it appears to be recovering.
The Renfrew County Real Estate Board says that while residential sales activity is down almost 24 percent, sales managed to come close to the long-run average for the month of May. 229 Units were sold in Renfrew County in May of this year, with the average price at around 289 thousand dollars. This comes after a steep fall in April, where less than 100 units were sold.
In all the dollar value of all home sales in Renfrew County tallied around 66 million dollars. That is a 17% fall from May 2019, which set records in Renfrew County.
Supply also fell to its lowest level this May, with 269 new residential listings, a drop of 21%. There were a total of 481 active listings at the end of May which was a decline of 41%. The Board says this was the lowest overall supply for the month in more than 15 years.
The Real Estate Board says housing markets across the country were extremely subdued.