The winner of the South Algonquin Business Association’s Everyone Brings Joy contest has been announced.

The contest is part of SABA’s Lemonade Project. The contest asked residents to submit a pandemic-legal way of bringing joy to the community, with a $1040 dollar prize up for grabs provided by South Algonquin Businesses. The Business Association says that after a week-long poll, Whitney’s Algonquin Lunch Bar’s free barbecue idea was declared the winner. The barbecue will take place later this summer when restrictions are lifted. Second place winner with Lorretta Neil, who proposed bringing back bingo to the community.

The next phase of the Lemonade Project will be called Abundance, and will focus on what ways people are using to get through isolation. These include things like skills, values, or traditions that helped people get through the pandemic. People can participate in the conversation here.