With CERB money floating around, Killaloe OPP says to be on the lookout for scams.
They say that scams targeting the Canada Emergency Response Benefit involves a third party that will offer to assist you with government application and send you and invoice for their services. The company says they are part of the government, but according to OPP, they are not. They say they will also use stolen identities to open bank accounts or submit CERB applications in your name. Killaloe OPP says to beware of emails or texts that request your personal information, as that may lead to identity theft. OPP says the best way to protect yourself is to go on to the CERB website and learn how to submit an application yourself. They also say to immediately report unauthorized transactions to your bank, and do not respond to unsolicited emails.
Killaloe OPP says that CERB scams aren’t the only one to be worried about. The detachment is warning about non-delivery scams that target the rising demand in Personal Protective Equipment.
 These also include trade in hand sanitizer, gloves and face shields, as well as things like gym equipment, kids toys and even pets. In these scams, OPP says you are asked to send one payment after another, with scammers saying the money is needed to cover the cost of things like shipping, certificates, vaccinations and insurance. In the end, the victim never receives the product they order. OPP says to beware of blowout sales, greatly reduced prices, and pets being sold below market value. They also say to be on the lookout for spelling errors in texts, and if you are paying a fee, it isn’t free.