The Bancroft and Area Stewardship Council donated 100 trees to local climate activist Brynn Kilpatrick and they were planted throughout the Town of Wednesday.

tree planting brynn

The last of the 100 trees donated by the Bancroft and Area Stewardship Council were planted with the help of Brynn Kilpatrick and her father Bill Wednesday (Photo credit: Mathew Reisler)

“It feels really amazing,” Kilpatrick tells the newsroom.

“We spread the trees out between all of those different locations based on what’s currently growing in those areas,” Building and Facilities Manager Pat Hoover explains. The train station, Riverside, Churchill and Millenium Parks and the Dungannon Rec. Centre are the location of 20 White Pine, 20 Red Pine, 30 White Birch and 30 Sugar Maple trees. “There was a mix in the different parks based on what is currently growing there and what we required to fill in,” Hoover explains. “Whether it was for shade or ground stabilization along the riverbank.”

The trees were personally donated by Chair of the Bancroft Area Stewardship Council Ian Hendry. “I see their group out there every weekend, rain or shine,” he said in January while talking about Kilpatrick’s weekly “Fridays for Future” climate protests. “They’re trying to make a difference for climate change.”

All the trees were planted Wednesday. “We had them all in the ground by 2 o’clock,” Hoover says.

“It’s shocking that they were able to get 100 trees down in a day,” Kilpatrick says. She was on-hand to help plant four trees at Riverside Park.

“I was actually going to collaborate with the (Bancroft Area) Youth Stewardship Council before COVID,” Kilpatrick says. She adds that she hopes to work with Town council on more environmental projects.