Although the Renfrew County District Health Unit is praising the work done so far to fight against COVID-19, new precautions must be followed as the economy opens back up.
The unit is asking residents to begin wearing masks in places where physical distancing is not possible. Acting medical Officer of Health, Dr. Robert Cushman says that in some places, like grocery stories, it is difficult to observe the two meter rule and it is best to wear a mask. He says that with reports showing that 50% to 75% of people with COVID-19 don’t show symptoms or have mild symptoms, it is important to act as though everyone could transmit the infection. But he once again reminds to take other measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.
These include washing your hands with soap, water or an alcohol based hand rub, practicing physical distancing, and staying home if you are ill. They say there are proper methods on putting on and taking off masks, as well as sewing instructions if you wish to make your own non-medical mask. For all other COVID-19 information from the health unit, click here.