Construction is underway on the major rehabilitation work that’s happening in downtown Maynooth.

“We’re doing a complete rehabilitation of the Town,” Hastings Highlands’ Operations Manager Adrian Tomasini explains. “It’s going to look pretty nice.” He says council has also approved a new lighting system to be installed. Tomasini says it will have an antique style.

Work began on Thursday digging up the road. The job will be done on a 4.7 kilometres stretch between Old Hastings Road and Young Street with Tomasini suggesting work could be down by the middle of August. The first phase will involve redoing the street and sidewalks, which will be done over the next two months. From July to August the next half of the road will be done.

Construction will be happening from 7 AM until 7 PM, Monday through Thursday. Tomasini says “most construction” will be off the road by noon on Friday, with the rest finishing up around 2 PM. “All traffic will be detoured around the downtown core,” Tomasini explains. There will be no work happening on weekends. Local traffic will be allowed through during off-hours. On top of that, Maynooth Downtown Businesses says on their Facebook page that all shops will still be able to be accessed while construction is underway.

Hastings Highlands Mayor Vic Bodnar told the newsroom in August 2019 when funding was announced for the roadwork that this work is a “long time coming.”

Written by Mathew Reisler