With some restrictions easing in the province and some people set to go back to work, Ontario SPCA is sharing tips to make the transition easier on your pet.
They say that while pets may have been enjoying the extra time with their owners, the SPCA says that leaving your pet too quickly could create seperation anxiety. They suggest to create a consisitent daily routine, with walks similar to what they were before the Covid-19 pandemic. Mealtime should also be at the same time every day, and if they have changed, move them back to where they were. They also say that a quiet time or nap time should be implemented so that your pet can learn to be away from you. This is so they can adjust when you go back to work. SPCA also says to go outside without your pet every few minutes and then return so that your pet understands that when you leave you will always come back. They also suggest getting self-entertaining toys to keep your pets preoccupied.
Above all, SPCA says to keep this routine consistent so that your furry friend is ready for when you have to go back to work.