More and more Ontarians are recovering from COVID-19 with almost 70-percent of cases or 12,779 cases resolved.

Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer says hospitals saw 59 more patients admitted because of COVID-19, noting a slight dip in the number of those requiring intensive care. 

As for long-term care, a total of 175 active outbreaks have been reported with a total of 1,003 deaths among residents and three deaths among staff.

With respect to retirement homes, Dr. Williams says a total 66 outbreaks have been reported, with a total 147 deaths among residents.

And on the resumption of the NHL season this year, Dr. Williams says Ontario cannot guarantee a Stanley Cup. Nevertheless, he says organizations would first have to address protecting their own employees and players. Williams notes that he has yet to be approached by any of the Ontario based teams on how to go about resuming their season.