County run Tails are now open, but there are some exceptions.

The county says during the pandemic, it is using all necessary precautions to stop the spread of COVID-19. They say to obey all the speed limits, keep pets on leash, and clean up after pets and horses. They also say that dirt bikes and motorcycles are not permitted on trails, and say to avoid touching rails or other surfaces on the trails
Robert Sweet, Chair of the County’s Development and Property committee, says residents have assets like the Algonquin and K&P trails to unwind on. He however urges users of the trail to maintain their physical distancing and maintain a distance of two meters minimum. However, while May 1st was the start of ATV season, the Renfrew County ATV Club is recommending riders stay at home until the states of emergency are over. Above all, the County and RCATV say to maintain physical distancing at all time. They also mention at this time that the Algonquin Trail from Greenwood trail to Algonquin College is currently off limits due to maintenance.
OPP says they had been monitoring trails beforehand and charging riders with trespassing. They will continue to patrol trails and advise riders to follow the code of conduct while using them.