Even with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Renfrew County District school board is committed to seeing every one of its students graduate.
Communications director for the Board Jonathan Laderoute, says it’s in line with the ministry making sure as many people graduate as possible. He says that nothing on the school board side should halt their progression, and there is no risk to not graduating. He says the school board is building on the marks that were issued before the March Break and intends to make sure all the students are able to graduate moving forward.
As for Graduation ceremonies, Laderoute says there are plans to come up with a strategy to see that they happen. He says while its ideal for the lockdown to lift before the school year ends, he said it would be logical for something to be in place in case it doesn’t happen. In addition, Laderoute says the school board is happy that the labour disputes between the province and the teacher unions is over. He says the school board is pleased that all parties came together in the end and landed on something all could agree on.
As for if the closures will continue past September, Laderoute said while the possibility is there, it was uncertain if that would be the case. He did say that the situation is being monitored so that a plan could be implemented if that scenario happened.