ATV Season is here, and the Ontario Provincial Police is giving out some safety guidelines.
The East Region Snowmobile, ATV Vessel Enforcement Unit (SAVE) says because of the pandemic, you should plan ahead to avoid being stranded. This includes knowing which businesses are closed and knowing the schedules of the ones that are open. They say to exercise caution and ride within laws that are designed to keep you safe while operating your vehicle. OPP says that riders should always wear an approved helmet that is able to be securely fastened. They say to always ensure that you are legally allowed to ride in the area that you are in, let someone know where you are going and when you will be returning.
Above all, OPP say to not consume alcohol while operating an ATV, as the same penalties for impaired driving apply to them as any other vehicle. They remind riders that cell service will not always be available along the trails. OPP says to wear protective clothing and footwear, and keep in mind weather can change quickly this time of year.
Madawaska Valley Township says that the trails in the area are not closed, but any that are open will follow provincial rules to prevent large gatherings and enforce physical distancing.