In an effort to turn life’s lemon’s into lemonade, the South Algonquin Business Association is putting on a Lemonade Campaign to spread joy in South Algonquin this summer.

Angela Pollak with the Business Association says that the group came up with the idea to mobilise the good that was in the community. She says that they came up with the idea to engage people in the wider conversation about what to do to make things better, but also gathering and collaborating in person.

The South Algonquin Business Association are putting on a contest that pitches uplifting ideas that will be put to a community vote. They say your idea must be pandemic-legal and above all else, bring joy to the community. A cash prize of $1000 will be given to the winner to carry out their idea. They suggest ideas like community e-bingo, seed libraries or simply sewing hospital masks. SABA asks to create a poster pitching your idea that will include the name of all members of your group, a description of your project, a budget and how many people in the community you expect to bring joy to. Submissions can be emailed to and post on the South Algonquin Politics Facebook Page. If you need help with technology, you can call Angela at 519-571-4584.

Pollak says the Business Association that they are still brainstorming ideas on future contests and initiatives for the Lemonade Campaign, and hopes to update the community soon.