The Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario is holding another strike today as new ones for next week have been announced.

The ETFO has also announced they will hold protests on Monday and Tuesday next week. The Renfrew County District School Board says they will close its schools on February 11th and 12th as ETFO teachers go for their third rounds of strikes. In addition to Renfrew county Junior kindergarten to grade eight students with North Hastings high school, Bird’s creek public school and Maynooth public school are being asked by the school board to not go into school today.

Meanwhile the Ontario English Catholic School Teacher’s Association will ramp up their job action. As of February 11th, teachers will only participate in scheduled teaching and supervising duties. Scheduled parent-teacher interviews and extra curriculars will still take place. No word yet on if there will be job action from the Secondary School Teacher’s Union.

With files from Mathew Reisler