With the Coronavirus making headlines, Renfrew County and District health unit says that the risk in Renfrew County remains low.

However, health agencies are working closely with public health and hospitals to make sure it stays that way. They say anyone who has been to the province of Hubei in China and who become ill with a cough or fever should report their travel history to a health official. The RCDHU says hospitals have protocols in place for infection-control practices. They also say they have been in regular contact with their infectious diseases team.

Public Health says that the Coronavirus causes symptoms ranging from a mild cold to pneumonia. Renfrew County Director of Emergency Services Michael Nolan says that because it is flu season, you should follow the same rules you’d follow to combat spreading the flu. This includes cleaning your hands frequently with soap and water or hand sanitizer, covering your mouth or nose when you sneeze of cough, and frequently cleaning high touch surfaces like doorknobs and phones. They say that if you do not have a tissue to sneeze or cough into, to use your sleeve.

Above all they say that if you are ill with any virus, that you should stay home.