The 2020 budget for Renfrew County has been approved.

The budget presented by the finance committee was approved last council meeting to finance the entire year. The committee says that the County of Renfrew will be able to operate all it’s services for the future. It also says that $285 million will be able to be set aside for their 10 year fiscal plan. The finance committee says that they tried to off-set almost $900,000 in provincial cuts. They said that these cuts impacted paramedic services, child care, long term care, housing and Ontario Works.

The County says it has increased the efficiency of the county administration building in Pembroke by consolidating services. The County was also able to still invest in capital projects for roads, bridges and culverts, as well as continuing work in affordable housing and long term care.

The finance committee says that due to their work, the average homeowner will only see a tax increase of 0.6 percent. They say that this is a four dollar and thirty cent raise per homeowners for the entire 2020 year.