And it may sound like a race, but it’s much more relaxed than that.

The sixth annual Opeongo Classic Loppet is going down this Sunday at the Nordic Ski Club in Brudenel.

Peter Cruchet, Loppet Director and board member of the Opeongo Hills Nordic Ski Club, says that while some people can find it competitive, there’s something for everyone. He says with trails between 2.5 to 20 kilometres, the Loppet has something for everyone. He says the hills are exclusively made for skiers, with dedicated trails to classic and a skating tracks over a 200 acre area. He says that a Loppet is considered a gathering of skiers, and is a social event that is not necessarily a race. The event caps off with a dinner and a draw with local businesses contributing.

Cruchet says that a few years ago the event was cancelled due to weather concerns. But he says that this weekend’s weather will be perfect for the event. Hill Top Ski Rental will also be renting skis out to those who don’t have equipment.