RCDSB Will Close Kindergarten On Wednesday If Strike Happens

Both Kindergarten and High school students could be getting the day off from school this week, whether they want it or not.

In a Facebook post, the Renfrew County District School Board will close both secondary and elementary schools if teachers walk off the job on Wednesday. The School Board says that it will take the step because all district early childhood educators are members of the  Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation OSSTF.

The OSSTF announced that its members will walk off the job Wednesday. The news came just two days after teachers across the province began their Work to Rule campaign.

Ontario’s Minister of Education Stephen Lecce responded to the announcement, saying strikes hurt kids and the province wants to make deals that keep students in classrooms.

“For teacher unions to leave the table, to turn their back on our children, and to escalate to the point of compromising their education, is deeply troubling for parents and our Government,” Lecce said.

The OSSTF justified the strike, saying members couldn’t wait any longer because the province refuses to listen to parents, is unwilling to listen to students and education is currently eroding.

Teachers began withdrawing from certain services earlier this week. They decided to stop leaving personalized comments on report cards, participating in provincial standardized testing preparation and most organized activities outside of work hours.

The union added the strike can be avoided if a tentative agreement is reached before Wednesday.

Both sides continue to talk but pay seems to be the crux of the negotiations.

With Files from Greg Higgins

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