A new report says flooding that was experienced this spring could not be stopped.

The report was commissioned by the Provincial Government and spearheaded by MNRF Minister John Yakabuski, as well as the Special Advisor on Flooding. The report states that a combination of winter conditions were the main cause of the flooding. Factors included a colder-than-average winter and spring, higher than average snowpack and lack of a significant winter thaw. Adding on to this was the rapid snow melt and significant rainfall in the spring. The report found that nothing pointed to human error or the neglectful operation of water control buildings.

Yakabuski said that the Special Advisor Doug McNeil looked carefully at the core components of the Province’s approach to managing the emergency. He said that steps taken by individuals, municipalities, dam owners and other agencies were effective in reducing potential further damage to communities. Yakabuski says he is pleased by this conclusion and appreciate McNeil’s advice for the province to become more flood resistant.

The MNRF says that the province has taken steps to mitigate the effects of flooding, such as opening the Canada Infrastructure Program to invest in water management projects. The report recommends modernising the Conservation Authorities Act to shifting focus towards protecting people and property from flooding. The report also requested a review of Ontario’s guidelines on dealing with environmental hazards. They also suggest better funding to flood prediction systems.

The MNRF says that the province will now review the recommendations.
The report can be found here.