With Madawaska Valley Township looking for input on its new strategic plan, residents were able to put in their two cents.

At a public meeting last week, Township CAO Sue Klatt said participants had the opportunity to offer suggestions or different priorities to add to the plan. Klatt said that there was a focus on continued support for volunteer groups, support for new and existing business, and economic development. She said there was also support for responsible stewardship of the environment, finding efficiencies in the township’s government and promoting and supporting the community. Klatt said residents wanted what she called a Community Hub Concept that would incorporate library services, meeting spaces and municipal services under one roof.

Klatt says council’s next step is to investigate how feasible these goals are. Strategies will be planned out with the help of MBD Insights, a consulting company that works with municipalities to create strategic plans. Klatt says that these strategies will then be reviewed and those that fit in with ongoing strategies will be merged together. She says MBD will merge the input of residents, council and staff and then give recommendations.

In addition to the meeting, MBD Insights and the township have provided a survey for residents to fill out. A link to the survey can be found here.