The county of Renfrew wants your input on issues of housing and homelessness.

The county wishes to update its ten year homeless plan by reviewing how it is doing at the halfway mark. Renfrew County wants to see if housing issues that persisted in 2013 are still a problem today. The county is seeking the input of housing stakeholders and the broader community. The survey is designed to gather information to get a sense of which the direction the plan is going six years on.

In the original proposal the county aimed to make housing affordable, adequate and suitable.  The goals of the plan were to identify the current and future housing needs, evaluate the services for both those with homes and without, and find partners to combat homelessness in the county.  These include a growing and aging population, as well as aging homes and houses in the county.
Other issues the county wished to address are the lack of options to obtain and retain housing, support for those with disabilities and seniors, and a growing social housing waiting list.

A link to a survey issued by the county can be found here.