With a dumping of snow on the way, Upper Ottawa Valley OPP is making sure you adjust your driving accordingly.
They stress to stay alert, slow down and stay in control. They call those the three key elements of winter driving.
They say to drive according to the current road and weather conditions and reduce speed when those conditions arise. They also say to keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you as longer stopping distances will be required. OPP also say to clean frost and snow off all mirrors and lights, install your winter tires, install good wiper blades and stock up on washer fluid. They also say to be ready to postpone or even cancel trips if the weather does not improve.
OPP also recommend carrying a couple of items in your car to make sure that winter driving goes smoothly. They say to carry an ice scraper, snow brush, a small shovel, fuel line anti-freeze and sand or salt to aid in traction. They also remind you to keep things that you would need during the summer like booster cables, road flares and a tow rope. For the winter months OPP also suggest bringing along extra clothing and footwear, a blanket, non-perishable food, matches and a candle. They also say to bring along a first aid kit and to keep your cellphone charged.