Madawaska Valley Hospice Palliative Care is looking to fill its ranks with new volunteers.

Lisa Hubers, Executive director of Madawaska Valley Palliative Care, says that the volunteer experience is a fulfilling one. She says a lot of bonds are formed between volunteers and amongst the people they serve in Hospice Palliative Care. Hubers says those who volunteer for the Hospice are appreciated by its users, almost always being thanked by their clients. She says that volunteers are the heart of what they do in the community.

Hubers says depending on their level of comfort, volunteers would be able to care for people in their homes as friendly visitors. They could also choose later on to assist the patient in volunteering at the Valley Manor or even during the later stages of palliative care. She also says there are volunteer positions that include maintenance work or organising events.

Training for new volunteers will be coming up on November 11th and will include a 4 day course. Hubers says while the training sounds intimidating, she says the training can be fun and forge tight bonds. She also says there are skills you learn in the training that volunteers can use in their own life. She says there’s a lot of information you could use in life. She says even if volunteers don’t keep with the program, they will walk away with amazing knowledge for advanced care and end of life planning.

Hubers says there is no minimum requirement of service.