The Ontario Government is proposing removing barriers for charities involved in food donation.

In a press release from MPP John Yakabuski, food banks, not-for-profits and charities involved in community feeding will be allowed to serve low-risk foods without industrialized cleaning equipment. The release says that these items are meant to be used for restaurants and used by certified food-handlers. The current rules state that Ontario doesn’t distinguish between fast-food chain restaurants and not-for-profit soup kitchens, after school programs, or food delivery organisations.

MPP Yakabuski said in a statement that the province has many important regulations to support the health and safety of all Ontarians and that remains a key priority. He added that some rules are unnecessary and burdensome for not-for-profits. He says teh proposed changes are a direct response to the needs of those organizations. He adds that food banks and charities should spend their time and resources helping those in need.

Changes include exempting not-for-profits with a set number of hand-washing stations, and a two or three compartment sink for cleaning utensils or commercial mechanical dishwasher. The changes also include forgoing having at least one food handler or supervisor on site. The changes are part of an ongoing campaign by the province to reduce regulatory burdens across several sectors. These include farming, trucking, construction, health care and restaurants.