If you haven’t gotten your flu shot yet, the Renfrew County District Health Unit is urging you to get it soon.

The Unit says in a press release that the flu is a respiratory infection caused by the influenza virus. It can cause mild to severe illness that can lead to hospitalisation or even death. They say those most at risk of complications are children under 5, pregnant women and seniors. The Unit says that the flu virus is always changing, and that each new vaccine is developed to protect against the most common viruses that are expected to circulate. They say to best protect yourself, people should be getting the flu shot every year. They also say that getting the shot is a safe and effective way to protect yourself and your loved ones.

On top of getting the shot, the RCDHU also offers other tips to slow the spread of the flu. They say to clean your hands often with soap and water, or use alcohol based hand sanitizer. They say when you cough or sneeze to use your sleeve, not your hand. They also say to avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. The unit says to clean high touch surfaces like phones and keyboards regularly. They also say that if you are sick with the flu, best to stay home.

The RCDHU says you can get the shot through clinics, from participating local pharmacies, or your health care provider. To find a flu clinic near you, click here.