Ottawa not moving national-threat level higher following death of Islamic State leader

Ottawa is not moving the national-threat level higher following the weekend death of Islamic State group leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

It will remain at medium despite concerns in some countries of retaliatory attacks by sympathizers after he died during a U.S. special forces raid in Syria.

Fires wreak havoc across California

A fire that broke out early Monday morning has prompted evacuation alerts in some of the most exclusive real estate in California, where celebrities and executives live in mountain and ridgetop retreats that cost tens of millions of dollars.

The fire roared up hillsides of west Los Angeles within hours and tens of thousands of people were quickly ordered to clear out. Another fire that broke out last week north of San Francisco has exploded in size to at least 267 square kilometres and left nearly 200-thousand people under evacuation orders.

Young protestors banned from Parliament Hill following protest

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says young people are pushing their governments for a more sustainable future.

She’s commenting after more than two dozen young people left a Parliamentary tour this morning to stage a climate protest in the House of Commons. The members of the group Our Time say being ticketed for trespassing and banned from Parliament Hill for 30 days was worth it because there is limited time to prevent a climate emergency.

New report finds it would take Canada 164 years to close the economic gap between men and women

A report says it would take Canada 164 years to close the economic gap between men and women if things keep going as they are.

The review of how close or far Canada is from meeting United Nations gender equality goals it signed on to in 1995 shows “uneven” progress over the past five years. Ottawa submitted its own progress report to the UN last spring.