The Renfrew County District School Board is letting individual schools decide what is appropriate cellphone usage.

The comments come after the Provincial Government said it would leave the decision up to the individual school boards. RCDSB Spokesperson Jonathan Laderoute says phones are allowed in the classroom, so long as the teacher is okay with it. Laderourte says that the school board has directed individual principles to develop their own guidelines as well. Laderoute says cellular devices can enhance the learning experience if they are used in coordination with the teacher.

That doesn’t mean that phones can be used all the time. Laderoute says that if they take time away from class or extra-circulars, they will not be allowed to be used. He says that the policy takes a hard stance against cellphone use being used for harassment, threats, intimidation and cheating. Punishment he says is progressive and based on the circumstances. Cells can be taken away for a length of time if abused, and parents will meet with the principle if the abuse continues.

Laderoute says that the school board is happy with the province’s decision. He says it is good knowing that the province and the school board are aligned and reflects the hard work they put into the policy.