Madawaska Valley Town Council has signed a contract with Neptune Technology Group to replace aging water meters in the township.

The Township says they have received the contract and that both parties have signed it. The township however doesn’t have a timeline as to when these new water meters are going to be installed. They say that no next steps have been set in stone. The total cost of the water meter replacement project will be over $300,000 after taxes.

Neptune said in a brief to council that the company has 26 years of experience replacing water meters for municipalities, including a massive project in the City of Toronto. They say the water meters they are offering the township, the T-10, are more accurate and quieter than other water meters, and exceeds American Water Works Association specification. Included in the package is also a software service that Neptune says will streamline and automate service, as well as increase efficiencies.

When council passed the by-law approving the meters in a council meeting in August, Mayor Kim Love stressed that the meters past due being replaced. Some, she said, were installed as far back as 2004.