A fraud that was first reported a month ago has reared its head again according to Upper Ottawa Valley OPP.

The force reports that two fraud complaints have come about in recent weeks. They said that two local residents had lost a significant amount of money due to the fraud. The exact locations of where these scams took place have not been released. In both cases, the victim received a call or email from someone claiming to be a relative. The scammer said that they are in an emergency, legal trouble or a collision. They then asked the victim to wire money to an account. A similar scam took place in Admaston/Bromely where someone posing as a lawyer called the victim. The victim wired the scammer $5000 in what they believed to be bail to release their son. The fraud was only discovered after the money was wired.

OPP is asking people to contact immediate family members should they receive a call of this nature. They say these types of calls play on a person’s emotion and create a sense of urgency. OPP says to keep calm and to not forward any funds without speaking to family members first. OPP are reminding people to be vigilant and alert for unsolicited calls, emails or visitors that arrive at your residents. They say to verify an unsolicited contact before you respond and provide information.