They came all the way from Victoria BC and wound up in the Valley

Tealia Palmer-Ruben and Aidan Bradfield are doing a cross-Canada bike trip. Bradfield said she had family in Muskoka and said it made sense to go through Algonquin Park. They were coming out of the park to get coffee in Barry’s Bay. The duo have been on the road since June 11th and have been biking continuously for 65 days.

Palmer-Ruben and Bradfield say they have been taking the slow tour, taking in scenes and chatting with people along the way. They say they play their trip by ear, often waking up around 7 to start the day’s journey. They say they often plan their day around food. They have biked in mostly rural areas, but have also stopped in at Winnipeg, with their next stop in Ottawa. They plan to end their trip in St. John’s Newfoundland. On getting home, the most common question they are asked, Palmer-Ruben and Bradfield are not sure where they will wind up. They say they could stay in Montreal or the east coast. If they do go home, the duo plans to go back to Victoria by train. They say it would be good to see some of the towns they passed through on their way back home.