Renfrew OPP is warning of a fraud going around in Admaston/Bromley Township.

Police say a resident received a call from a male who claimed to be a lawyer. The caller said the victim’s son had been involved in a motor vehicle collision and was in custody. The caller requested the victim send funds to release their son. The victim was then told to withdraw $5000 from their account and deposit it in another one. The victim contacted their son and reported the fraud to OPP when the son was found out to not be in jail.

OPP is asking people to contact immediate family members should they receive a call of this nature. They say these types of calls play on a person’s emotion and create a sense of urgency. OPP says to keep calm and to not forward any funds without speaking to family members first. OPP are reminding people to be vigilant and alert for unsolicited calls, emails or visitors that arrive at your residents. They say to verify an unsolicited contact before you respond and provide information.