A local group is hoping to curb the amount of trash on the roads, and wants public input.

The Carson Trout Lepine and Greenan Lakes Association is doing a survey to help better understand the needs of lakefront and rural owners. Vice President of the association Wendy Wolak says littering in rural areas of Madawaska Valley Township has gotten out of hand, and says an alternative strategy is needed. When the survey is complete, Wolak says the findings will be reported to the municipalities public liaison committee.

Wolak says rural areas don’t receive garbage collection and the nearest waste site is not always close by. She wants the Township to take the matter seriously, and help come up with an alternative strategy that combats the littering along the road. Wolak says there have been suggestions for a mobile unit stationed throughout the Valley that would make it more convenient for people to dispose their garbage. She says a lot of great ideas have already been generated through the survey.

Wolak says the Carson Trout Lepine and Greenan Lakes Association has a working agreement with the county of Renfrew and MTO to deal with clean up along the roads. Members have reported an increase in trash, ranging from dirty diapers, tires, and even machines. Wolak says in the cleanup last year, the number of cans collected on the side of the road went up by 300%. She says it boggles her mind about how much garbage is illegally dumped.

The deadline for the survey is August 23rd. You can find a link to the survey here.