Bonnechere Valley Fire Department is getting some new hardware to help fight fires.

The department is looking to purchase a drone for reconnaissance and to help aid in fire fighting. Fire Chief David Murphy said the drone will help mitigate the effects of fire during an incident, and gives a fresh set of eyes and a bigger picture to a fire call. He says they will be helpful with bushfires in deep under-brushes, as it will give them a bird’s eye view of the situation. The drone will also help assess structures on fire to give a better idea of what fire fighters have to deal with.

Murphy says that the department is currently in talks with Renfrew County Paramedics about acquiring a drone. Murphy says that they already have a liscenced drone operator on staff that can book flight plans with Transport Canada. Murphy says the county’s paramedics have the most up to date equipment and that they are the best to consult with on what they could use.

Murphy says the Bonnechere Valley Township is receptive to the idea, saying they have seen the success of the paramedic’s drone program. Murphy says that the drone is multi-purpose, and is looking at drones that may be able to drop payloads. While the drones are small and cannot carry much, Murphy hopes to be able to lift first aid to individuals if possible.