The 2019 Madawaska Valley Township Budget passed final reading in Tuesday’s council meeting.

The budget was passed with a 2.5% increase in taxes. Financial reserves were preserved, mainly offset by the township’s payout of the gas tax. Township taxes would show an increase of $2 and Renfrew County taxes increase by $1.6. Mayor Kim Love told council that Renfrew County was set to loose $500,000 in funding, and that Madawaska Township should continue to grow its reserves.

Residential education taxes dropped by 5.2%, as the student population in the township declined. Councillor Mark Willmer cautioned that this was a sign that the township was loosing young families. Council was urged to consider the impact of losing younger people had on the community.

Three projects have been approved to go forward. Resurfacing of Paugh Lake Road and Lakeshore Drive had their budgets approved, as well as approval for a variety of vehicle budgets.

Council also received a letter from the Township of Mulmer looking for support in protesting cuts to library funding by the provincial government. Councillor Ernie Peplinski rose concerns that there could be blowback to support such a measure. However, council agreed that supporting fellow small municipalities would be beneficial in the long run.