The Madawaska Public library hosted a talk on dementia Wednesday night.

The talk was facilitated by Geriatric psychiatrist Dr. Suzanne McKay and Nurse Mary Prince. The presentation talked about what dementia is and how to care for loved ones who have it. McKay said that while there is no cure for dementia, the symptoms can be treated. McKay says the first step if you think someone you love has dementia is to contact the family doctor. She says the Doctor can rule out any other issues that could look like dementia like infection or other conditions. The doctor could then refer to a Geriatric psychiatrist or physician.

When managing dementia or avoiding it altogether, McKay said exercise is key. It helps with brain function and mobility, and it can be as easy as walking. McKay also suggests a good diet that avoids sugar to stop inflammation of blood cells in the brain. McKay also says the more socialization the better, as it helps function and memory. Stimulation is the last important thing you can do to combat dementia. Finding a hobby or volunteering later in life can help to stimulate the brain and keep it healthy.