Students of Renfrew County are encouraged to become their own bosses.

Colleen Sadler, Business Consultant for Enterprise Renfrew County, says they want to help students start their own companies and are doing so through their Summer Company Program. She says they’ve been doing it for 18 years now and adds that this gives students (between 15 and 29) the opportunity to get $3000 in funding for their summer startups. She says that both high school and post-secondary students can apply, as long as their companies operate within Renfrew County during their summer break.

Sadler says that 7 companies could be awarded up to $3000 for their efforts. Previous winners have indicated that the skills and experience they have acquired over the summer were far more valuable than the money, she says. Since the program’s inception, Sadler states that 136 young entrepreneurs have benefited from the program, and they’re not stopping.

“If we go back several years, we’ve had a company sew clothes for dogs, one of them gave wake-boarding lessons which was unique, the types of businesses are so varied” she says. She gave lawn care, wood cutting, deck cleaning, cell phone repair and catering as other examples of student businesses.

The deadline to apply is May 10th. For more information and to apply, click here.